Importing Filters and Plugins into Filters Unlimited 2
Firstly, you need to have your Paint Shop Pro programme up and running

If you are working on something, then save it

Open a New Blank Canvas
We are not going to do anything with it, but we need it to install the filters

Effects - Filters Unlimited 2

Click on the Import button at the bottom of the screen:

Browse to your Plugin Folder, I have mine on my C: Drive

Double click on the folder of the filter you wish to Import, i used Funhouse 1

Now you will see all the .8BF files that are your filters files

Highlight the first row of .8BF files like so: (Click and Drag)

The programme won't let you load all of them at the same time, so it has to be done row by row. A pain I know, but better in the long run :o)

Ok, hit the Open button

Your filters should all be loaded now, go ahead and give it a try :o)



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