Installing Plugins and Filters
Supplies Needed

For this tutorial all you will need are filters of your choice
There are plenty of filters on this site

I am using Corel Paint Shop Pro x2

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There are two types of plugins, those that you can just pop into your plugin folder and those that have to be installed, we'll go through both here so don't worry.

Ok firstly you need to have a default folder where you keep your plugins, it doesn't matter where you store it as when you have sufficient plugins, you won't need to access it very often. The other thing i'd like to add is to make sure you have it on a hard drive that has plenty of space.

I have my plugins stored on my C: Drive, it is big enough for all the plugins I have, so let's start with this.

Create a folder on the hard drive of your choice and call it plugins

If you are downloading from the net, then download your plugin to your plugin folder and unzip it, make sure it stays in it's own folder
Pop the zipped file into your folder in case you ever need it again

Ok, all the 8bf files are loaded into this folder, these are the files that we just pop into our plugin folder, the next step shows how to install or load a plugin.

Keep with me here, it's simple really :o)

You may find a time when you have downloaded a plugin that has to be installed rather than 'popped' into your plugin folder, so once you have downloaded it 'INTO your plugin folder' follow these steps

This is what an uninstalled plugin may look like

Right click on the file and Choose the  Open option, follow the on screen instructions for installing this plugin
Extract to C:\Plugins\DavidBlendFilters
Your files have extracted to the folder you have created and is ready to go on with the next step

See? Easy!

Are you ready to direct your Psp to your plugin folder now? GREAT!

Open your version of Psp, it doesn't matter which version you use because they all load the same way :o)

File - Preferences - File Loations
There are menu's on the left side, don't be alarmed, and DO NOT delete any of the links in the right hand side

On the LEFT menu, loacate the Plugin tab and highlight with your mouse

On the right side, click the 'Add' tab and loate your plugin folder which should be here: C:\Plugins

Click OK and your folder should look like this

Now you can enjoy your plugins and filters, be aware though that the more plugins you have, the longer the effects will take to load when you open your Psp

Have more than one version of Psp like me? I have ALL my Psp versions directed the same way to this ONE folder :o)


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