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**Thank you to Jet for the use of your Awesome tube!**

Remember to save often!!!!

Open a Blank Canvas 821 x 450 flood fill with #c5eaf1

Add new layer and flood fill with #93d1df

Top layer active

Flaming Pear - Glitterato with these settings:

Change Blend Mode to Multiply

New Layer

Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection From Disk - Xtreme-Christmas_Presence-01-tut

Leave Selected

Open Christmas_Presence-01-MsTique.jpg

Copy and Paste INTO Selection

Keep Selected and Add New Layer

Flood Fill each frame with Black

Selections - Modify - Contract by 2 - Hit Delete ONCE


Effects - Drop Shadow with these settings:

Layers - Merge - Merge Down

Change the Blend Mode to Luminance

Open Silver_Christmas_Tree_01_mm.psp

Copy and Paste as New Layer on working Canvas

Image - Mirror

Place on the Left Side of Canvas

Add Drop Shadow with these settings:

Open jet-christmaswoman-november-2007.pspimage and Resize by 75%

Copy and Paste as New Layer onto your canvas and move over to the right a little

Top Layer active

Add New Layer - Background Colour #277984

Using your Brush tool, locate Xtreme-Xmas-02_Ms.PspBrush and stamp in Top Left corner of Canvas

(I added an extra Brush if you wish to use

Layers - Merge all (Flatten)

Add Borders with these settings:

Using your Magic Wand, click INSIDE the Border

Effects - Reflection Effects - Kaleidoscope with these settings:

Adjust - Blur - Radial Blur with these settings:

Effects - - Color Dot with these settings:


Effects - Xero - Porcelain with these settings:

Add any copyright Information you made need, and of course, your own personal Christmas Message.

resize to your liking and Save as Jpeg




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